Electric Roller Foot Massager Infrared


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  • Material: Composite Material
  • Model Number: MT31
  • Item Type: Massage & Relaxation
  • Application: Leg
  • Brand Name: jinkairui
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Color: Black, White
  • Control method: Button
  • Function: Kneading, heating, roller, shiatsu, airbag
  • Application part: Foot, calf

Core Advantages

3 modes + 6 gears: foot rolling massage.

Slimming mode: enjoy with feet and legs.

9 levels of temperature adjustment: constant temperature hot compress blessing.

360° full package: air bag pinching massage.

10 massage modes: deep massage is more comfortable.

3 gears intelligent timing: one-button touch panel.

Solve Your Problem

office sedentary
excessive exercise
standing for a long time

Refined Zoned Deep Massage

Foot rotation kneading: deep massage,relax the whole body from ankle to ankle.

Calf -air bag massage: massage stimulates the meridians of the legs,soothe tired legs.

Ankle Air Bag Squeeze: knead slowly,dexterity and ease of movement.

Forefoot rolling massage: straight to the sore point,make your feet easier to press.

Arch-Acupressure Kneading: three-dimensional top kneading,more accurate massage to the soles of the feet.

Heel-top kneading massage: comparable to real fingertip skills,massage directly to the sore point.

Dorsum of foot – air bag squeeze: the flexible airbag is inflated and released,cycle compression

Foot rolling massage: soft roll,accurate point kneading.

Acupressure And Kneading To Refresh The Whole Foot

Kneading with a large area of the whole palm, one kneading into the muscles to penetrate the plantar muscles, so that the comfort is endless.

Coping With Different Fatigue States(10 MASSAGE MODES)

Gently relax: daily soothing footcare

Rejuvenate energy: relieve sedentary legs and feet fatigue

Deep decompression: release muscle stiffness

6 Levels Of Intensity & Adjust As You Like

Match the needs of different groups of people, one-button adjustable, the strength and strength you want are defined by you.

5-6 gear: Suitable for stressed people

3-4 gear: Suitable for tired people

1-2 gear: Suitable for people with disabilities

360°All-inclusive Pressing Technology

Three-dimensional pinching massage is comfortable,realize the full fit of the foot and leg, make the kneading more powerful, the whole package is more decompressed, and the pressure is completely empty with one press.

9 Human-like Massage Techniques

Different techniques and different strengths simulate the real massage experience and touch of human hands steady circulation massage, directly hitting the muscle groups, instantly relaxes tight and sore areas.

Upgrade To 9 Levels Of Hot Compress

Heat compresses for the leg muscles, and the heat completely wraps the feet, the heat rises from the feet, and the pressure of the whole body is relieved.

One-button Touch Screen

Intelligent enjoyment of foot comfort, adjust mode, intensity, timing, etc., all can be realized by moving fingers.

Product Detail

Leather fabric
Comfortable, soft and skin-friendly

ABS material
High strength, more scratch-resistant

Removable and washable cloth cover
Easy to clean, clean and hygienic

Concealed strut
Massage height is adjustable, more fit and comfortable


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