Nancy Letters

Enjoy wearing your name or your loved one name comfortably with confidence and joy!

Introducing this Solid K-Gold trendy spaced letters necklace with real diamond stones on the middle letter only to present you or your loved ones dazzling looks!

Quickly add it to your collection now!

Make a memorable gift!


  • Made Of 18K/14K/9K Gold Materials 

  • Real Diamond Stones (Only 1 letter)

  • 4.4mm - 5.2mm  Letter Width

  • 4.8mm - 5.0mm Letter Length

  • 1.81g Weight

  • 18" Inches

Jewelry care

  • Please take off your personal accessories in time and keep the accessories clean at all times.
  • Be careful not to touch chemicals, Keep out of contact with water as much as possible.
  • If you accidentally encounter water, wipe it with a soft cloth.
  • We enthusiastically prescribe you to remove your jewelry piece set prior to participating in any activity that causes contacts or frictions such as (washing your hands, showering, sweating, hot springs, seawater, swimming pool water, shower gel, contacting dampness, and sleeping)
  • For prolonged life, and keeping their splendor! learn more!