Eye Massager 4D Smart Airbag Vibration


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  • Item Type: Massage & Relaxation
  • Material: Composite Material
  • Brand Name: abay
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Applicable Parts: Eye Massager
  • Charging Method: USB
  • Type: One-Click Folding
  • Feature: 500mA Lithium Battery,Adjustable Elastic Headband
  • Features: Vibration Massage,42 Degrees Celsius Hot Compress Function
  • Function: Quickly Eliminate Eyestrain,42 Degrees Celsius Hot Compress Function
  • Version Choice: 3D Ordinary Version,4D Multifunction Version
  • Support: Drop Shipping And Wholesale

4D Version Features

1.A Full Set Of 4D Airbags,Imitating Artificial Massage,Pneumatic Massage.
2.Vibration Massage,Quickly Eliminate Eyestrain.
3.42 Degrees Celsius Hot Compress Function Can Relieve Eye Fatigue.
4.15 Minutes Synchronization Function,So You Don’t Need To Worry About Too Much Massage.
5.There Is A Bluetooth System That Can Connect Your Phone To Play Your Favorite Music,This Way You Can Relax During The Massage.
6.Answer The Call,Can Chat With Friends During Massage.
7.LCD Display,The Display Is Clear,Even The Elderly Can Easily See.
8.Five Intelligent Massage Modes For You To Choose.
9.Used USB Charging,
10.Adjustable Elastic Headband,You Can Adjust The Elasticity Of The Headband To Fit Your Face,And The Elastic Headband Is Designed To Fit The Head Of Most People.
11.One-Click Folding,Can Be Carried Around To Quickly Save Storage Space.

3D Version Features

1.Vibration Massage,Quickly Eliminate Eyestrain.
2.42 Degrees Celsius Hot Compress Function Can Relieve Eye Fatigue.
3.3 Massage Modes.
4.Use USB To Charge
5.Adjustable Elastic Headband,You Can Adjust The Elasticity Of The Headband To Fit Your Face,And The Elastic Headband Is Designed To Fit Most People’s Head.
6.One-Click Folding,Can Be Carried Around To Quickly Save Storage Space.


Please Remove The Contact Lenses Beforehand.
Do Not Use This Product For People Who Have Eye Injuries,Inflammation Or Burns.

Six Major Product Features

Air Pressure Massage,Constant Temperature Hot Compress,Vibration Massage,Bluetooth Music,Long-Term Battery Life,Portable Storage.

Can be folded at 180°

The exquisite packaging and Practical eye massager is very suitable as a birthday gift or Christmas gift for family and friends.

Lightweight & Foldable & Compact Design

Save space, small and lightweight, folding design is easy to carry when going out and traveling, eye massage at anytime, anywhere.

With Adjustable Strap To Fit All People.

Easy to adjust elastic headband makes it suitable for many head sizes and shapes, while also being easy to clean. If you feel too tight or too much pressure, which make you feel uncomfortable or painful. Please loose the head belt, or ask us for help.

Skin-Friendly & Breathable Leather Material

Soft leather skin-friendly material, no irritation to the eye skin, no need to disassemble and clean, just wipe it with a damp cloth and it will be clean.

One Botton Operation, Easy to Control

Press the power button for 2 seconds to turn on it or turn off. Press the power button less than 1 second to change massage mode. Open Bluetooth of your cellphone and search "Bluetooth", connect and play music.

USB Rechargeable & Portable

Bluetooth Music Connection

The peaceful music is designed to simulate a natural surrounding and to better induce sleep.Or connect it with smartphone via Bluetooth to play your favorite music. "+" for next song, "-" for previous song.(Need to adjust the volume on the phone, not on the massager)

4D Touch Simulation Manual Air Pressure Massage

Massage the muscles around the eyes area by proper matching between air inflating and air releasing.

Note:The sound will be louder during the process of air deflation.

Heat & Acupressure Massager

98F to 107F (35-42℃).The heated eye massager tool has soft airbags that mimic gentle kneading & rolling acupressure techniques increasing oxygen around the eyes to relieve headache. Heat therapy improves blood circulation to reduce eye fatigue

STRESS THERAPY ELECTRIC EYE MASSAGER WITH HEAT Smart Digital Eye Massager This eye massager is designed with people of all ages in mind. The ergonomic and stylish eye and temple massager fits most face shapes, while the elastic band can be tightened and loosened through an adjustable buckle. In addition,Our eye massager includes a series of nature sounds including waterfalls, chirping birds and ocean waves to simulate a natural surrounding and as an aid for relaxation to induce sound sleep. Also, there is 5 selectable preset massage modes for your choice.


This eye massager is widely used in 5 years older people: office workers, drivers, the elderly, students and all sedentary, sports enthusiasts and other people. PRINCIPLE Belovedone eye massager takes medical traditional science of channels and collaterals principle, Simulates hand massage action, combine with micro computer chip technology of controlling, Improve the dark circles, relieve eye fatigue, Inhibiting Neurasthenia and Improving Sleep Quality. The sound of motor occurs due to the vibration inside eye massager, which is the normal working state because the motor is installed inside the device. The normal volume range of vibration is 55-60 decibels (similar to the volume of a rainfall brackground). The vibration will be more obvious when you are in a quiet place.


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